What is PrettyCakes?

PrettyCakes simply love baking diaper cakes for people who love pretty and practical items.

But what are diaper cakes?
Diaper cakes are the hottest “Baby Shower Gift” ideas on the market. They are created using practical baby items (like diapers of course) and good quality baby gifts to form into 1 to 3 tiered cakes. The end result is of course non-edible but yet irresistible for new parents to receive as “Baby Shower Gift”.
Diaper cakes are also suitable for birthday gifts for children up to 2 years old as long as they are still wearing diapers!
Below are some examples of the ingredients that we used to bake the 1 to 4 tiered cakes:
• diapers (of course)
• soft toys
• educational toys and books
• coin boxes
• baby or toddler clothings
• socks, mittens, shoes
• receiving blankets and towels
• toiletries
Though you cannot eat them, they are yummy enough to surprise anyone!
So here's a wonderful alternative to the usual off-the-shelf hampers.
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